About Ewa and ewas dog life

Aim and Goal
Everything we do at ewas dog life is very personal. Our aim and goal are like yours - a result you are happy with and to give you the tools to continue to develop with your dog even after the course is finished. By working in small groups and one to one we get the opportunity to develop faster and with a higher level of understanding. And it allows us to focus on each dog and handler in order to receive the best results.

Presentation of Ewa (prounounced Eva, just a wierd spelling :-))
Ewa Highland is a dog training instructor, with a five year education by the Swedish Working Dog Association - SBK (Anne-Marie Folkesson et. al.), which included case studies, written and practical exams as well as reaching certain levels with own dogs within the working trials scene. On top of that she has a clicker education from Learning about Dogs (Helen Philips and Kay Laurence), UK - CAP1 & 2 and she is working towards CAP3. Beside these educations she has been to seminars for Mr Bob Baily, USA and Ms Kathy Sdao, USA who are some of the worlds best and skilled animal trainers. Ewa has also been an assisting instructor at Eva Bodfälts courses in Sweden. Eva Bodfält is one of Swedens most respected dog trainers with merits from helping the police to train, books written and numerous television appearences. Further higher education in Animal Welfare at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, is ongoing.

Dog Training
Ewa has been competing in Working Trials and Obedience and she has led popular courses on all levels from puppy to competition level as well as pure Clicker Training courses. She is eligible to take on behavioural problems in dogs and to educate owners on how to proceed. She uses modern techniques and constantly develops her skills by further education. She has held courses with all type of breeds as well as for breed clubs, especially Boxer. She has studied maths, mechanics, physics and chemistry at University level and has experience from teaching those subjects at high school and A-levels.

Miniature Schnauzer Grooming and Showing
Ewa has groomed and showed Miniature Schnauzer at Cruft’s and at Championship shows in England, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. She has for several years held popular grooming courses in Sweden for the Miniature Schnauzer Club. She groomed and showed several Champions in Scandinavia, BOB winners and the class winner at Cruft's 2007 and 2008 as well as the Veteran World Winner 2008.

She is a trained ring steward within the FCI system and she is educated in anatomy and judging techniques (Kenneth Edh et al.) by the Swedish Kennel Club and is judging shows on non CC-level. She is educated in dogs’ mentality by Lars Fält, Kent Svartberg and Ingrid Tapper, Swedish Working Dog Association and has worked with temperament tests for the same association. Ewa is trained by pet-ID to do Microchipping via College of Animal Welfare.

Welcome to ewas dog life!

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