I am not taking any groomings at all any longer. I am sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Do you want to learn how to do it yourself? Please sign up for a grooming course.


Grooming of Miniature Schnauzer

You are more than welcome to stay while I am grooming your dog if you want to.

Standard price list for Miniature Schnauzer:
If your dog is matted or for other reasons take very long time to groom, other prices may apply. Call for consultation. If you have a Schnauzer or a Giant Schnauzer, please call for prices.

Grooming Silver

Full clipping,styling with scissors, scissoring between pads, claw clipping, plucking of ears.


Grooming Gold

Grooming Silver + bath with John Paul Pet Schampoo and Conditioner, blow dry, treatment with moisturizer for skin and coat, Sancerum ear cleaner treatment, checking and if needed scraping of teeth, treatment with mouth rinser.


Grooming Show (Restricted to Schnauzers, all sizes)

Professional show grooming, hand stripping and free consultation.

This choice can be variable price, it could be a lot cheaper depending on how much you are prepared to do yourself. You will get help from me on what to do. If you are preparing your dog for a show, we make a plan for how often you need to visit me in order to have your dog beautiful and ready for the big day.



Show handling consultation (Restricted to Schnauzers, all sizes, and Boxers)


Grooming courses, Learn how to groom yourself. Please see further information here.


Behaviour consultation, any breed
Home visits



Dog courses. Sign up for a training class. Please see further information here.


Discounts for regular customers, book on the day.

Discounts for owners with multiple dogs.

Book via telephone or e-mail: 07824 66 56 28, info@ewasdoglife.co.uk

Ewa Highland is a Miniature Schnauzer Groomer Specialist - Champion breeder and handler.