Reason for having your dog Microchipped:

  • Your dog will get his/her unique ID No.
  • If your dog becomes stolen or it runs away if found by somebody and handed to the police or dog warden your dog can always be reunited with you.
  • If you would like to travel with your dog he/she needs to be microchipped as part of the Pet Travel Scheme.
  • Life long membership in Pet Log where all Microchipped dogs in the UK are registered. Countries around the world also collaborates. If you move or the dog change ownership it is a one off fee of £10.
  • Fast procedure.


3 dogs or more with same owner 10% discount.
  • Life long guarantee on the chip.
  • Pet-IDs' Microchips are one of the smallest on the market.
  • Covered with the same material as pace makers and other devices used inside human bodies.
  • Breeders that want to Microchip whole litters it can be arranged for me to come to your house.

Welcome to book a time for Microchipping!

Please call 07824 66 56 28 or email on info@ewasdoglife.co.uk



Ewa Highland holds a certificate that she is trained and qualified to Microchip Dog, Cats, Rabbits, Ferrets and Guinea Pigs.