Why Modern Training Methods?

More sophistication in our relationship with animals
And not only animals. I would argue that our methods for training dogs and how to behave around dogs follows the trends of how we bring our children up in an educated way.

If we were to hit our children, use electrical shocks in order for them to behave properly I am sure we would achieve children that in front of our eyes did not dare to do anything we did not want them to do. But have they really learnt anything? Do we not create mistrusting human beings that will do all the bad things behind our backs instead? Because the level of understanding of the task is not high, only the level of understanding how to avoid punishment. We believe that dogs react the same way.

We think it is better to teach the dog what to do rather than teach the dog how to avoid punishment
All animals, including human beings, will always try to achieve as much pleasure as possible.

When we train dogs we use this in order to teach them what kind of behaviour that is rewarding. We help them to develop a free charachter that dare to try and think in order to develop a happy approach to life.

Everything we do here at ewas dog life is based on clear communication and security. We base our training on positive, modern, proven training methods.

Societys demands on dogs behaviour has changed over the years
Therefore we, as owners, trainers have higher demands on us. We need to meet the demands from society. That is our only chance to keep the dog as our best friend to share our lives with us wherever we live.

Have a look 20 years ago, 30 years ago, 50 years ago. Talk to the older generation and anybody can tell you about the neighbour that had a dog that you could not stroke and that you had to keep your children away from, a woman who owned the local shop who had a dog that everybody knew ran off at least once a week, the farmer up the hill who had a dog that you had to cycle pass really quickly with your feet up high because the dog chased and bit your ancles otherwise. These dogs were never taught what to do and as long as their owner was not around, i.e. the punisher was not there, they could do whatever. These dogs would not be accepted in our society today.

Anger produces anger.

Modern society - modern training techniques
So if we agree on that it is not only sophistication that demands us to train our dogs in a different way. It is also the society that demands dogs to behave. We need to have dogs around us that know what they can do or not and who trust people, kids and other dogs, in order to exist in harmony with us in our families in our modern society.

This demands something more from us as owners and trainers. It demands planning, education and engagement. We would like to think that it is here ewas dog life comes into the picture.

We are good at planning, education and engagement. We are good at spreading our enthusiasm to the people training for us and we would like to think that the participants lay a good foundation for the future together with their dog.

Trust produces trust. Kindness produces kindness. Security produces security.

Leadership is earnt, not taken
It is not that easy to say that we are in charge because we say we are. In the human world and the human pack we sometimes get away with that by putting a "Managing Director" on our business cards. However, even there it often becomes problematic if the "leader" of the company are not a true, good leader. It leaves the rest with frustration and anger. If what we do never gets appreciated we will soon start to feel less inspired to do our best.

What I mean with all of this is that we need to show our dogs, prove to them over and over again that we are worthy the leadership. Again I do not believe that comes from punishments since that only will create a fear and possibly a "I take you next time" mentality rather than respect and trust.

At ewas dog life we help you to become that trusting mum/dad your dog so desperately wants to have.

Questions I often get:
Does punishment not work? How do I get my dog to respect me if I do not punish him so he knows who is in charge?

To begin with, lets say that it is not a matter of wether very hard training techniques based on punishment works or not. They often do in fact. So did slavery as well. Negative training methods will work on any animal since we are built in the way of trying to avoid pain and grief. We will do what we are told, just like the slaves, or else.

A long time ago we did not know much better techniques for training dogs than the once based on punishments and anger. Personally I think they are based in fear.

Today however, we know, from academic research, from practical experience, from results that are speaking for themselves, that positive training methods based on trust brings results that are as good as and many times better than the ones that are based on punishments. As a bonus we also create a good relationship with our dog. I find behaviours born from positive experiences are much more steady and you reach your goals a lot quicker.

However, at the end of the day, it comes down to Who are you? Who do you want to be? How do you want to approach dogs, children, people and life in general? And how do you want them to approach you?

If your answer consists of something in line with respect and love, consistency and trust then you have found the right place to train with your dog.

Welcome to our world of dog training!
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Ewa Highland
SBK Dog Training Instructor
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